At BTG Well Co., we believe wellness goes beyond our physical health. It’s the way we think, eat, the way we talk to and see others, and the way we talk to and see ourselves. Because self-talk isn’t just self-talk, it’s self-prophecy. We want to help re-write your story, empowering you to think, speak, and move with freedom and power, without pain or limitations. 



No matter where you are, today is the day to start. We will develop the conscious and subconscious habits to feel well in all the areas of your life—beyond the borders of a gym, beyond the limitations of your mind and your story, and onward to self-love and self-care. We will build daily habits, exercises, and practices for you to find mental and physical consistency, confidence, and balance.

Each phase will provide a strong foundation, a new mindset, and new knowledge about your body and mind to help you excel in every aspect of your wellness journey. 

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The BTG MBS Program (Mind/Body/Wellness)

The following phases can be purchased individually or together as a program. Each phase contains its own unique benefits, and its value can be seen individually or combined with the others.

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Phase 1

70 days

9 workouts

3 meditations

3 affirmations

6x 30 min coaching calls

Morning Meditation

Through an initial consultation, we will map out a plan to support you in your individualized journey; one that offers a holistic approach to happiness, health, movement, strength, power, and self-love. We will start where you are, judgment-free, with expert coaching and  accountability. 


This first phase will give you the tools to create life-changing habits through a customized plan, designed to help you better understand your body and mind through the power of movement, meditation, nutrition, and affirmative self-talk. It takes 66-69 days to create a habit, and we will utilize every one of those days to ensure you’re equipped with the necessary tools to find consistency and commitment in your lifelong journey to wellness.

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Phase 2

6 months

18 workouts

6 meditations

6 affirmations

12x 30 min coaching calls

This phase is all about the commitment to self. You will discover the tools, grace, compassion, and space to lean into your overall wellness. Through a customized daily program, we will set and reach goals that are attainable, practical, and fit into your lifestyle.This phase will require an overriding commitment and newfound discipline. We will overcome the feelings of doubt and inaction and create a space of non-judgment and presence. Every person’s needs will be different and we will ensure that every aspect is centered around your individual needs and goals, with each day made to encourage and motivate, not judge or deter. 


In this phase, we will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the first phase to fine-tune all the various aspects of your life, empowering you to become a better version of yourself. 

Phase 3

12 months

36 workouts

12 meditations

12 affirmations

12x 60 min coaching calls

Healthy Woman

The third phase of this program is all about consistency and maintenance through continued support. Showing up, committed to self, showing habitual grace, compassion, and self-love in every thought, word, and action; serving with purpose through drink, food, movement, meditation and simply being present. Your habits will be well-established and you will return with love to honoring your mind, body, and soul. You will find new strength and grace through continued movement and workouts and nutrition tailored to your changing and evolving self. 


Upon completion of this phase, you will be fully self-sufficient. You will possess all of the necessary tools to conquer any mental, emotional, or physical challenge that dares to enter your path.