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Cross Fit Class

BTG training takes a very unique approach to fitness classes. Every workout is different; we do not use the same routine over and over again. We focus on 3 types: compound movements; HIIT; and strength. These classes are for individuals who are interested in going hard, getting your entire workout complete in 1 hour ie you won’t have to go do cardio or anything else after.  You will never be bored and your body will never plateau. 

Sit Ups

Personal training is the most effective method of attaining your wellness goals. The BTG training system is based on the ability to find the correct physical demand, encouraged through mental growth and subconscious habits, to create the desired outcome for the long run. This is not your standard personal training program, everything in the program is customized and altered for your benefit, based off mobility, stability and then strength.


Making a Positive Impact

At BTG Well Co we believe wellness goes beyond our physical health and the gym. It’s the way we think, eat, the way we talk and see others and the way we talk to and see ourselves. Because self-talk isn’t just self-talk, its self-prophecy. We want to help re-write your story, empowering you to think, speak, and move with freedom and power, without pain or limitations. 


Because we understand that the mind, body, and spirit all help create the best you, we will utilize scientifically proven exercises for the mind and body to help you reach your goals. By making small sustainable changes to the way you eat, think, move and connect, every aspect of you will continue to get better and easier. We will also utilize every practitioner that we trust, and use, to help you holistically develop the subconscious habits to attain wellness for a lifetime. Our goal is for us to be your one stop shop for all things well. 



We are a philanthropic company that knows we cannot help the world until we’ve helped ourselves. We want you to be part of our story. We want you to join us: work, play, move, laugh with us and leave the world a better place than we found it. 


So whether you run your household, work 60 plus hours a week, are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or are recovering from an injury or surgery, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your best you…..


I have always hated working out but that all changed when I met Kara. She not only has motivated me to lose weight (30 lbs so far) she has helped me with every aspect of my health. Kara believes in whole heath. She focuses on physical health, what you're eating, how you're moving and even helping with range of motion in my shoulder. Honestly I have never met a trainer like Kara and certainly never committed like i have with her. You will love her!!



3201 Esperanza Crossing
Austin, Travis County 78758


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