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SEPTEMBER 18-22, 2019

        Welcome to BTG Wellness Companies first ever wellness “forward”, not a retreat, not something you only do when you are burned out, or when you can’t take it anymore; instead where you propel yourself, mind and body, into the ultimate wellness care vacation. September 18-22nd we will be meeting in Taos, NM for a 5 days, 4 night stay.  The theme will be “Power of the Feminine.” This wellness vacation is a bit different than most wellness retreats though. We will be partnering with local businesses that help feed over 600 children that lack the ability and means to feed them selves. We will stay local, buy local and impact local. We will work together, organically, to learn how to meditate, move, listen to our bodies, learn from each other and leave more empowered and connected to other like-minded individuals. 

Taos New Mexico is a desert town at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains famous for its multilevel Pueblo. Expect adobe architecture against the blue sky, turquoise doors, ristras drying in the sun and gorgeous sunsets. 

We chose New Mexico because it’s where I was born and where part of my heart always goes back to. Taos is a magical place and that time of year is perfect weather, stars and food. 


Relax with daily massages and other habit forming practices to help you on your journey to wellness.

Enjoy learning about different nutrition and life tips.

Practice meditation, yoga and mat workouts.

Get to know many new people and form a lasting community to walk with on your wellness adventure. 



What will be provided: all meals, snacks, drinks, wine, hiking, yoga, life changing conversations, nutrition and life tips, meditation, yoga mat and “workout" equipment, 90 minute massage, and habit forming practices to help you on your journey of wellness.


What you need to bring: 1 nicer outfit, clothes to hike, explore, workout in (it will be warm during the day and cool at night), a reusable water bottle, a journal to take notes in,  and anything else you need to feel comfortable. Each day will have mediation, functional workout, yoga and a massage. We will start early and end late but you will have plenty of time for rest. 


We will be staying at the beautiful El Monte Sagrado in Taos. The American West in all its magic. Eastern influences and mystery. The charm of Old World Europe. All these are in the design of the luxury Taos suites.


Shared rooms-$2100 per person

Individual rooms-$2500 per person

King Suite-$2750 per person

This includes your rooming, all food, drinks, snacks, hiking, yoga, meditation, 90 minute massage, workouts, yoga mat, water bottle, bag, T-shirt and passion planner.

Food is masterfully prepared by a James Beard Award winning chef.

20% of all proceeds will be donated to the non profits we support!


Contact Kara 

(503) 752-0278


We will spend a few hours talking about purpose, the true power of feminine, drinking some great wine and enjoying amazing food.


You don't want to miss this!! 

There are only 15 spots available-so sign up before spots fill up!