Puerto Rico

Core Healing Retreat

Join us for our wellness forward trip in Puerto Rico May 20-24, 2020. 

10% of the proceeds go back to non profits.

Help us help you and our world

Hosted by @carriefit & @btgwellco



Room, locally prepared food, 1 hour massage, daily group and individual sessions on core health and healing; practices in and recovery from Diastasis Recti, full body fitness, and of course connection by disconnecting: t-shirt and water bottle.

The BEST part through is leaving the community you were revived and rejuvenated in, better when you leave. As part of the Puerto Rico adventure, we will be serving this hurricane ravaged community in need. This is a whole new concept that aims to truly make a wellness vacation that sends you home with more to give. 

The countdown sign up begins, so take the plunge.


What will be provided: all meals, snacks, drinks, health talk (delivered by some of Austin's best speakers and entrepreneurs), coffee and tea, plant based organic food, daily yoga, meditation and massage, journal

What you need to bring: clothes to work out in, water bottle, coffee mug or cup, 

comfortable clothing in layers to ensure you remain comfortable at all times, and your favorite writing pen.

Toiletries, chargers, towels, slippers, footwear, etc.



There are limited amount of spots so sign up below and submit your down payment to secure your spot!

This wellness vacation will be one of a kind and only has 10 slots openWe promise that you do not want to miss this amazing experience. 

To secure your spot you will be asked to give a non-refundable down payment of $1250. 

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